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belladonna root driedWhole Witch-Grown Belladonna Roots
Atropa belladonna

These are whole dried belladonna roots that I grew myself. Some are branched, and some are straight. Good for herb fetishes. You can also put the root in alcohol and then take from the alcohol to add to incense and powders without depleting your root. If you decide to grind it, use a baneful herb dedicated grinder (do not use it for anything else) and be careful of the dust. Remember: this is a very dangerous herb. The root harvested in fall, which these are, is the highest concentration of alkaloids, so be especially careful handling and certainly do not ingest. Belladonna has traditionally been used in baneful spells, sorcery, crone work, war magic, astral work, and is a Saturn herb. I have a few more roots in various sizes drying right now. I will put them up as soon as they are dry, which takes several days.

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