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Solanum nigrum Black Nightshade Herb
Solanum nigrum

This Saturn herb is sacred to Hekate, one of the Titans, who ruled Earth before the rise of the Olympic gods, holder of the keys to the Underworld.  She was important in Greek magick up through the Middle Ages.  In that path, Hekate Suppers, or offerings, were placed at an intersection of three roads every month (Hekate is often depicted in three forms). The Chaldean Oracles called upon Hekate, also named the Cosmic Soul, for help in prophecy.  Like the other nightshades (belladonna, henbane, datura, and jimsonweed), black nightshade is often involved in lunar magick or works related to death, and in witchcraft, it is a classic Samhain plant (check out the recipe for Saturn incense).  Some say that this plant is the branched calalue that is used by Obeah priests. In the Northern tradition, some people consider that attorlaše in the Nine Herbs Charm is black nightshade (or that betony is). Top

Relationship to Other Baneful Herbs

Despite Grieves' claim that this plant has atropine, black nightshade does not contain any of the alkaloids one expects from tropane-containing plants like henbane, belladonna, and mandrake. Instead, it contains solanine, the same thing that makes green potatoes poisonous, so do not ingest this herb. Also contrary to Grieves and Cunningham, black nightshade is not another name for henbane (which is sometimes called black henbane on account of the purplish flowers). Black nightshade is its own unique self.  I myself refer to it as Black Toad, partly due to the black berries, but this magick herb is also commonly known as morel, black morel, petty morel, yerba mora, West Indian nightshade, L'Homme, common nightshade, and garden nightshade. You must be at least 18 to purchase this herb. Top

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Organic witchgrown black nightshade, close to whole & includes berries
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Unfortunately, I am no longer able to get this herb from my supplier--the FDA has forbidden its importation--and I did not grow enough this summer to harvest the leaves, only enough to make ink. Next year I will grow more. Meanwhile, try the ink, which I have in limited supply.
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I now have black nightshade ink made from my own berries!

Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Baneful Spells, Sorcery
Lunar Magic
Crone Work
Samhain Celebration
Honoring Hekate
Saturn Herb

Grow your own black nightshade


8 parts Cypress
4 Parts Scammony
4 Parts Asafoetida
4 Parts Sulphur
1 Part Black Nightshade
1 Part Indigo