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Bloodroot herbBloodroot
Sanguinaria canadensis

This magic herb is great for family protection and family luck, typically powdered and sprinkled around the outside of the house. It has strong traditions of Mars protective magic. The Iroquois bathed a person who had seen a ghost in the smoke of this plant to protect them from being haunted further. The Menominee made a face paint for warriors from it, and the Ojibwe likewise made a facepaint for war from red stage of the bloodroot, but plenty of tribes used red bloodroot just for skin decoration, so there's a neat sort of fluctuation in its use between Mars (war paint) and Venus (love magic, attention to the skin). Indeed, re Venus, the MicMac considered this herb an aphrodisiac, and Ponca bachelors rubbed it on their palms for love magic. The Algonquin used bloodroot both to make love charms and to color their skin, clothing, and weapons, so they recognized both the love and war/protection possibilities of this herb. Bloodroot also makes a nice Fire incense when blended with dragonsblood, safflower petals, red sandalwood, and olibanum. This magic herb makes a permanent red dye with alum as a mordant. It is also known as coon root, Indian paint, Indian plant, Indian red plant, king root, paucon, pauson, red paint root, red puccoon, red root, sanguinaria, snakebite, sweet slumber, and tetterwort.

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Herb
War/Attack Magic
Love Magic
Mars/Venus/Fire Herb

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