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Feverfew herbFeverfew, Organic
Tanacetum parthenium

Together with red nettle and waybread, feverfew was a traditional remedy for elf-shot in late Anglo-Saxon culture (more extensive info on the charm using feverfew on the seed page). This indicates its value in general for protection work, especially when magical attack is involved. It's considered helpful for people who are sad and quiet. Magically, consider feverfew for warding off binding love magic in particular and for healing those suffering from dejection due to love problems. Some witches also make a decoction of feverfew and after straining, spray magical tools with it to purify them. This herb would be particularly effective for tools used for love magic. It was a menstrual herb among the Romans, and it is still used against PMS. For this reason as well as its use against freckles, it is considered a Venus herb. Drinking the tea on a regular basis is supposed to decrease the occurrence of migraines. The fresh herb has been used against rheumatism and arthritis, but not the dried; for medicinal purposes, this herb is generally more effective fresh.  Also known as Midsummer daisy, featherfoil, featherfowl, and parthenium.


Organic feverfew herb
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection from Attack Magic
Protection of Mothers
Love Magic
Venus Herb

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