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Full Moon purpleNight Blooming Oil
This floral flying oil focuses strongly on night-blooming flowers, which release their perfume to the Moon, not the Sun. I also chose flowers representing each of the planetary influences except Sun, which I figure doesn't have too much of a role to play in a flying oil. I included tuberose and osmanthus (Saturn); gardenia, white rose, and night-blooming jasmine (Venus); carnation (Jupiter) and mimosa (Mars). Many flower scents, especially those of night-blooming flowers, have qualities that enhance trancework. In addition, I included the Moon's favorite, clary sage, for its divinatory effects. For Mercury, I chose a soft Australian white sandalwood, which allows the various scents to work together. Sandalwood also has its own long tradition in magic and trancework. I was lucky enough to obtain some very rare ingredients for this oil from sources that I trust to reject synthetics, as I do. These rare natural perfumes increase its price, but I think they are worth it, as they make this oil truly unique. I'll wager you will not find anything like this anywhere else. Top

Night Blooming Oil
1/4 oz. (2 drams/7.5 ml)

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