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Flemish Antique No hotlinkingPapaver somniferum
Flemish Antique Poppy
A beautiful, old-fashioned peony type bloom named after the sensual 17th-century Flemish still lifes of shattered flowers, this Moon herb gets 35"/90 cm and blooms for months. It's color and frilliness make it exceptionally nice in the cottage garden. This flower form is also surprisingly old--I have seen drawings in Gerard's 1659 herbal of multicolored peony type poppies. Pods tend to be somewhat oblong, which makes me wonder if they have Papaver setigerum genes. Nice paired with Yellow Peony (which is actually creamy white). Info on poppies, including how to grow them. 

Papaver somniferum
Flemish Antique Poppy
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