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Anemone virginianaAnemone virginiana

This wonderful woodland flower is great for love magic. The Iroquois cast love spells with an infusion and broke them with a decoction of this magic herb's root. They mixed thimbleweed with other magic herbs to create a substance that helped remove bewitchment. A man could place a dried root under his pillow to dream about whether his wife was walking out on him. In a very interesting reversal, the root of this pretty flower was also used in serious attack magic for killing spells. Because this plant likes to grow in dryish shade, is poisonous, and the flowers are not large, I would categorize this as a Saturn plant. That would also go a ways towards explaining its use in both love spells and killing magic, since we know that even in ancient times, Saturnian Underworld deities like Hekate were called upon in cemeteries for love spells of the binding type. This plant is a member of the Crowfoot family, the most poisonous of all. Its juices are acidic. It should only ever be used dry and should not be ingested at all. Great for love spells and a powerful aid in attack magic.

Anemone virginianaHow to Grow Thimbleweed

The best way to germinate this seed is to give them Outdoor Treatment or simply to plant them in flats that are put outside in a protected location around Winter Solstice. They don't germinate as well with cold stratification done in the fridge; they seem to really need the temperature fluctuation that occurs outside. About 40-50% of the seeds will germinate beginning in April if they are put outside in December. Transplant out to dryish, rocky, open woodlands or dappled shade. Thimbleweed is a perennial native to eastern North American woodlands and hardy to zone 3 (-40F/-40C) but doesn't like it real hot, so it won't survive in the deep South. Flower stalks get 18-24in/45-60cm tall and mature plants are 12in/30cm wide. This plant doesn't like other plants growing near it and will stunt them. Thimbleweed flowers in early summer and attracts bees; it goes dormant in summer (looks dead). The thimble-like seedheads get a big glob of fluff on them, but it also reproduces by rhizomes. It is not eaten by deer or rabbits, although the latter will use it for cover when it forms dense colonies.  General growing info

Anemone virginiana
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Love Spells
Attack Magic
Saturn Herb

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