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Black PrinceAntirrhinum majus
Black Prince Snapdragon

As you can see, this flower is the "black" of the Victorians, which is a deep blood red. That color suits the planetary rulership of this plant--Mars--and its Elemental Fire. The fire connection also crops up in English folk uses of snapdragons--they were planted around the roof to prevent fire, and the grave of a legendary English dragonslayer was traditionally dressed with snapdragons. Some contemporary witches believe this plant attracts dragon spirits (or sylphs, Fire elementals) that can help with the development of one's skills in divination. This flower was traditionally planted around the front of the British cottages to protect the inhabitants from witchcraft. Cunningham picked up on that idea and recommended the snapdragon for the altar when doing protection magic. Other modern witches believe that walking backwards in a widdershins circle three times while holding a snapdragon blossom will break a hex on you. Likewise, some advise carrying the seeds for protection. And in the mundane world, at one time, snapdragons were planted ground the edges of grain plots to trap insects in their mouths, so consider the use of this plant for protection spells, especially when it is of property. The Victorian language of flowers considers that snapdragons represent refusal, because these flowers keep their mouths closed so firmly. Theophrastus wrote that anointing oneself with this flower would bring "fair fame." I wonder if that is because of the mouth-shape of the flower. This plant is associated with the zodiacal sign of Gemini and is often included in cottage gardens. The snapdragon is also known as lion's snap, toad's mouth, calf's snout, dog's mouth, and devil's ribbon (in German). This particular variety, Black Prince, has been grown for a hundred years. Top

How to Grow Snapdragon
Sow seed January-March to germinate in 2 weeks at 68-86F/20-30C. Just press the seeds into wet soil; this seed needs indirect light to germinate. Transplant 12"/30cm apart in full sun or partial shade in rich, moist soil. This variety gets 12-18"/30-45cm tall and is hard to Zone 4a (down to -30F/-34C). As cut flowers, they last 5-8 days. Cut the stem when about 1/3 of the flowers are open. Deadhead to promote more flowering, although they usually will take a rest when it gets hot. In very warm areas, start them in the fall to bloom in the winter. This is a half-hardy perennial that is normally grown as an annual and will reseed itself. Poisonous. General growing info  Top 

Antirrhinum majus
Black Prince Snapdragon
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Elemental Magic
Mars/Fire Herb

2007, 2019 Harold A. Roth; No reproduction of any part without permission

This snippet from D.H. Lawrence's poem "Snap-Dragon" seems especially suited to the Black Prince snapdragon:

She laughed, she reached her hand out to the flower
Closing its crimson throat; my own throat in her power
Strangled, my heart swelled up so full
As if it would burst its wineskin in my throat
Choke me in my own crimson; I watched her pull
The gorge of the gaping flower, till the blood did float
Over my eyes and I was blind...