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Black CornflowerCentaurea cyanus
Black Ball Cornflower
Some consider this a Venus or Saturn plant, but I would argue that it is Earth because of its association with cultivation ("corn" is an old word for any grain) and its color. Cornflower has long been an indicator of good farm land and so symbolizes fertility and abundance. Because cornflower is an old remedy for eye problems--a poultice of the petals was put on eyelids--it is also considered good for Third Eye sight. Try a petal poultice over the Third Eye for improved psychic ability. An Earth herb will give you a different perspective on the psychic than a Moon herb--more grounded and more depth. Cornflower is known for helping us see the Fae more easily. The flower essence of cornflower encourages us to accept our differences from others and to have self-knowledge. It also protects psychic and other gifts from negative influences and rigidity, and it bolsters healthy individuality. Leaves in wine were considered protective against plague and other infectious diseases. Petals are nice in pot pourri and can be made into ink, and the flowers are edible, so they are good for ritual drinks. This plant got the name hurtsickle because its tough stems blunted grain harvester's sickles. It is also known as bluebottle, bluebow, blue cap, bluet (for the more traditionally colored cornflower) and perhaps more appropriate for this color, devil's flower. As far as I can tell, "cyanus" [kyanos] was not, as many Internet sources claim, associated with any Earth goddess but the name of a beautiful blue colorant for ceramics invented by the Minoans. This annual blooms May-August and likes it on the cool side. It was once so common in the UK it was a weed but is now rarely met there in the wild. The flowers are a dark milk chocolate color, black on cloudy days. Other black flowers Top

How to grow black cornflower: Barely cover the seeds to germinate in 14-21 days at 59-68F/15-20C. Sow March-April or August-September for growth in spring. Or sow on Winter Solstice (see special directions on the Solstice Sowing page). Plant in full sun or partial shade where sun is scorching. Choose ordinary soil--rich soil means fewer flowers with this plant. Deadhead to keep it blooming, and if you want especially large flowers, pick off all but a few buds. It gets 1-3 ft/20-90cm high and makes a good cut flower. This plant likes it cool. General growing info. Top


Centaurea cyanus
Black Gem Cornflower
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