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Black pepper Black Pepper Essential Oil

In Hoodoo, this magickal herb is considered protective and is often incorporated into washes for the house or carried on the person for that reason. This fits well with its Mars nature (Fire Elemental). This is a strengthening scent, lending courage and warrior alertness. It helps us stick to our own values instead of following blindly following the majority. Some use it in binding spells (the attacking aspect of Mars). This scent is a great addition to any Ares or war deity blend. Another way to think of this fragrance is as a Dark Moon. The black peppercorn is harvested before it is ripe, just as some might see the Dark of the Moon as the Moon before it matures to fullness. For that reason, it is a good scent for creating magickal perfumes that honor the more war-like feminine deities. top

The skin of some people is very sensitive to this oil, though even those without sensitive skin may feel a pleasant warming sensation. Don't add it to baths without diluting it first. Steam-distilled from Piper nigrum in Indonesia. top

Combining With Other Essential Oils

The natural fragrance of black pepper goes well with the botanical fragrances of allspice, angelica, atractylis, benzoin, bergamot, caraway, carrot seed, cascarilla, cassia, cedarwood, citronella, clary sage, clove, copaiba balsam (copal), coriander, cubeb, currant bud, elemi, bitter fennel, fir balsam, fir needle, frankincense, galangal, geranium, ginger, grains of paradise, grapefruit, guaiacwood, gurjun balsam, hay, labdanum, lavender, juniper, lemon, lemongrass, lime, marjoram, myrrh, orange, orris, palmarosa, patchouli, rose, rosemary, rosewood, sage, sandalwood, spruce, tolu balsam, vetiver, and ylang ylang. top

Black Pepper Essential Oil (Indonesia)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Elemental Magic
Honoring Dark Goddeses
Mars Scents

Using Essential Oils

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