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Cumin Organic Cumin Essential Oil
Many consider this Fire herb to be protective and to be helpful in ensuring domestic tranquility. Some incorporate it into knot magic to bring about spiritual balance; others incorporate it into love magick aimed at arousing lust and therefore connect it to Venus and associate it with the constellation Taurus. Sometimes you will see a book of shadows confusing the effects of caraway and cumin, but they are quite different, the former being ruled by Mercury and having the typical Mercury zinginess to its scent, while the latter has a wonderfully warm muskiness. Okay, some people think cumin essential oil smells like socks, but a drop of "sock" can add just the right amount of warm furry animal muskiness to a blend without using any animal ingredients. Steam-distilled from Cuminum cyminum in India. top

Combining With Other Essential Oils

The scent of this oil is wonderful for adding muskiness to any blend and is a good fixative. It combines well with amyris, angelica seed, atractylis, caraway, cardamom, carrot seed, cascarilla bark, celery seed, copal, cubeb, elemi, fennel seed, galbanum, grains of paradise, hemlock, juniper berry, lavender, lavandin, orris, pepper, rosemary, rosewood, savory, tolu balsam, valerian, and violet leaf.

Organic Cumin Essential Oil (India)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Sex Magic
Nice vegetable musk
Fire Scents

Using Essential Oils

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