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Erigeron canadensisErigeron Essential Oil

Medicinally, this magic herb tends to be drying, and it has insiginificant flowers, which would make it Saturn. Old World members of this plant family are associated with the original smith in Greek mythology, Hephaistos, who is connected to the Devil card in the Tarot. On that card, the two lovers are chained, and Hephaistos at one point bound Ares and Aphrodite (his wife) when he found them in bed together. Like the Devil, Hephaistos was lame (as were many of the pre-Olympian figures in Greek mythology). The Ojibwa smoked the flowers of this plant for aid in hunting, and Seminoles used its scent as a get-lost charm. All of these various myths and uses implie that this oil has the Saturnian ability to bind and unbind, so consider it for those sort of works. In terms of its scent, this oil is dominated by a fresh herbaciousness with wine-like overtones, somewhat like basil, only having the sweetness of licorice at its base. It's a long-lasting scent that is often used in perfumery. Top

Combining With Other Essential Oils

Erigeron blends well with anise, benzoin, cardamom, clary sage, coriander, sweet fennel, cilantro, ginger, marjoram, petitgrain, star anise, sweet birch, white cognac. Top

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Binding/Unbinding Spells
Hunting/Tracking Charms
Saturn Herb

Using Essential Oils

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