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mugwort Mugwort Essential Oil

This herb has been used magickally since ancient times. Of course, it gets its Latin name (Artemisia) from Artemis (Diana), and for that reason is often considered a Moon scent (although some think of it as Venus). In fact, its fragrance is excellent for Moon work like divination, especially through dreams, and for lucid dreaming. It is also a well known ingredient in flying ointments. In ancient times, mugwort was used in incantations, so the scent of this herb should be tried for sorcery. On ancient Greece it was thought to protect against evil spirits and evil human intentions, which indicates possibilities for its incorporation into protection spells. This scent is associated magickally with the fixed stars Capella, Deneb Algedi, Spica, Algol, Sirius, Polaris, and Regulus. Steam-distilled from Artemisia vulgaris in Morocco. Top

Combining With Other Essential Oils

Mugwort has a herbaceous, camphorous, sage-like scent. Try combining its assertive fragrance with the natural perfumes of ambrette, amyris, angelica root, balsam fir, basil, benzoin, bergamot, caraway, carrot seed, cedarleaf, chamomile, cistus, clary sage, clove bud, cypress, eucalyptus, frankincense, guaiacwood, gurjun balsam, juniper, labdanum, lavandin, lemon, lemongrass, myrrh, oakmoss, orris, patchouli, pine, rosemary, sage, spearmint, tonka bean. Top

Mugwort and Thujone Toxicity

Some consider this a toxic oil that should never be used in any way because it contains alpha-thujone, the less toxic type of thujone. Thujones are also present in sage, nutmeg, tansy, yarrow, and wormwood. Contrary to claims on the web, no research has shown that thujone is a carcinogen (in fact, the MSDS for this essential oil says it is NOT carcinogenic). It hasn't been shown to be a neurotoxin, either, but very little research has been done on this essential oil. Thujone does kill some bugs and molluscs, and a small study showed that alpha- and beta-thujones have a negative effect on concentration. Also, a fellow who drank 10 ml (about 1/3 ounce) of wormwood essential oil ended up dead of kidney failure.  Never ingest any essential oils, but especially not those containing thujone. There is more thujone in rosemary than in mugwort; sage has more thujone than any other plant, and in fact, the FDA considers sage to be a toxic herb. Don't use this oil if you have epilepsy. Top

Mugwort Essential Oil (Morocco)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Flying Ointment
Honoring Diana
Protection Spells
Perfumes of the Moon

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