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Organic Niaouli Essential Oil

The clean fruity scent of the leaves of this New World tree is considered strongly cleansing and is even believed to prevent malaria where the tree naturally grows. For that reason, naiouli is an excellent fragrance for the purification of one's magickal space and tools. Some consider this fragrance to be helpful in exorcisms, probably by extension of its ability to clean and refresh. Its fresh scent is associated with The Fool in the tarot deck, and Cunningham lists niaouli as an ingredient in a healing oil. It is a brisk Air scent. Steam-distilled from Meleleuca viridiflora in Madagascar. Top

Combining With Other Essential Oils

The fresh, outdoorsy fragrance of niaouli goes well with the natural perfumes of cedarwood, eucalyptus, fennel, juniper, lavender, lemon, lime, myrtle, rosemary, pine, and ylang ylang. Top

Organic Niaouli Essential Oil (Madagascar)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Elemental Magic
Perfumes of Air

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