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Olibanum Olibanum Essential Oil
This relative of frankincense smells similar but to me is lighter and more delicate, more straightforward and less baroque. It is one of the ingredients in incense of Abramelin (along with storax and aloeswood). Olibanum is the Fire aspect of Elemental Fire and so is an excellent perfume for working with Sylphs or Salamanders. This fragrance is also good for Sun work - centering, making safe, and prosperity. In the Kabbalah, this scent represents the Sixth Sephira, Tiferet (Tiphareth), and it is an ingredient in a magick perfume for Leo. Regular olibanum is steam-distilled from Boswellia serrata in India. I have something new: Black olibanum. This is much stronger than regular olibanum but also has a much more piney, cool scent. The resin it comes from is black, although the essential oil is not. I think this will be excellent for constructing a Black Sun oil, since it is opposite the typical vaguely warmish and resinous scent of regular olibanum. It's steam distilled from Boswellia neglecta in Kenya.

Combining With Other Essential Oils

The natural fragrance of olibanum goes well with bergamot, clary sage, coriander, cypress, galangal, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, mandarin, orange, patchouli, pine, rose, sandalwood, vetiver, and ylang ylang.  

Regular Olibanum Essential Oil (India)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Abramelin Magic
Elemental Fire Magic
Prosperity Spells
Perfumes of the Sun

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