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Pennyroyal Essential Oil

In folklore, witches used this plant magickally to make people see double - not sure why they would want to do that, though. Although Cunningham claims this is Mars, to me this scent is of Venus, as most mints are, and with a mint's love of water, it is also Elementally Water of Water. Since this Element is often connected with birth into a new life, it makes sense that this fragrance was used in ancient Greek rituals of initiation, in which one is born into adulthood or into a world of new knowledge. Celts saw connections between this herb and the Great Mother. This scent is magickally associated with the fixed star Procyon. It is handy for purification and for the resolution of past-life issues.

Please note: this essential oil does not cause abortions. It can, however, cause liver failure and death if drunk, so don't do anything stupid with it. Also, don't use it if you have epilepsy. See the pennyroyal herb page for more info. In terms of its flea-repelling abilities, I have tried using this on a special cloth collar by the drop to keep fleas off animals. My cats hated it, and it doesn't work, so I'd advise you not waste your time or endanger your animal with it (animals, especially cats, don't handle essential oils well). Please use it for ritual purposes only. Steam-distilled from Mentha pulegium in Morocco. top

Combining With Other Essential Oils

Some people consider this oil to be an acceptable scent substitute for the horribly expensive and always adulterated melissa (lemon balm). It does have many chemical components in common with melissa, but it is harsher, more like a weak version of peppermint. Pennyroyal can be combined with basil, birch, bergamot, eucalyptus, jasmine, lavender, and rosemary. top

Pennyroyal Essential Oil (Morocco)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Celebrating the Great Mother
Water Magic
Perfumes of Venus

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