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Pink Pepper Essential Oil

Sometimes known as the Peruvian mastic, this thorny tree was revered by the Incas as the Tree of Life. The fruits reveal a softer side of Mars, with a warm scent but not at all hot and to my mind more complex than black pepper. If you're trying to create a Mars oil and don't want to mess with the oils that can irritate the skin, like black pepper or cinnamon, you could build a nice warm oil around pink pepper essential oil (although don't use tons of it). Personally, I find pink pepper to be very inspirational, causing me to make combinations I might not make with black pepper. Steam distilled from Schinus molle in Kenya. A relative sometimes sold as pink pepper comes from the Brazilian pepper (Schinus terebinthifolia), so if you live in south Florida, you can probably pick your own, but pink peppers grown in Florida tend to cause allergic reactions (the plant is in the cashew family), whereas the pink pepper from elsewhere does not.

Combining With Other Essential Oils

The warm, peppery, woody and a little bit fruity scent of pink pepper is a middle note and blends well with amber, amyris, angelica seed, caraway, carnation, Atlas cedarwood, Roman chamomile, cinnamon, clove, copal, cubeb, elemi, fennel, frankincense, galangal, ginger, grains of paradise, guaiacwood, Western hemlock, juniper berry, lime, mace, mimosa, nutmeg, oakmoss, opoponax, parsley seed, patchouli, black pepper, pine needle, rose, tansy, tolu balsam, turmeric, vanilla, and zedoary.

Pink Pepper Essential Oil (Kenya)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Mars Perfumes

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