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Storax essential oilStorax Essential Oil

Although I also carry regular storax resin, the advantage of using the essential oil is that the components that some people find irritating to the skin are naturally removed during distillation, so if you are making oils to be worn rather than making incense, use this instead of the resin. This is a very strong oil and should be used only in tiny amounts; otherwise, its scent will overpower everything. Try making a base of one drop of this oil in about an ounce of your carrier oil to see how you like it. It can crystallize if it gets too cold; just warm it gently to melt the crystals. Steam distilled from Liquidambar styraciflua in Honduras.

Combining With Other Essential Oils

Storax is great combined with amber scents, balsamic scents, cocoa, cinnamon, hyacinth, lilac, strawberry, tobacco, vanilla, and woody scents.

Storax Essential oil (Honduras)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

New Moon Rituals
Psychic Work
Moon Perfumes

Using Essential Oils

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