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Pure raw beeswaxBeeswax

After having to reject two shipments of "beeswax" pastilles because they were adulterated with cheap synthetic or vegetable waxes, I decided to go directly to a local beekeeper here in upstate NY. Although one doesn't expect sweet smells from Mars (and bees are martial critters), this beeswax has an incredible scent of honey and the flowers of orchards and hillside meadows. It is strained but not bleached or overheated and is a golden yellow. This is the real deal!

Poppets, Unguents, and Solid Perfumes

Beeswax has many uses in witchcraft and magick. To make a poppet, melt slightly and let cool to make a mass of wax easy to shape. It is also perfect for making unguents, ointments (such as flying ointments), or balms by melting it and then mixing it with the oil of your choice. Good proportions to try are 1 part beeswax to 5-8 parts oil, depending on how smooshy you want it. Or you can try 2 tablespoons of beeswax melted and add 1/2 cup oil (add some of our Magick Oils for an easy solid perfume or magickal ointment). You can always make a solid perfume by adding essential oils for fragrances after removing the wax from the heat, but better yet, first infuse an oil with fragrant herbs, strain, then add to melted wax for a subtle, magickal unguent or ointment. Pour into little jars or tins and then either leave it alone to harden if you want a relatively solid result or stir while it cools for a less solid result. You can test the consistency as you go along by putting a little in the freezer to harden up quickly. Then just adjust the amount of oil or wax to get what you want. Top

Making Sealing Wax

You can also use beeswax to make a magickal sealing wax by adding the resin of your choice and heating them together. A good proportion to try is 2/3s beeswax and 1/3 resin. The more resin you add, the harder the wax will be. The traditional medieval sealing wax resin is damar, but any resin will work--I have used frankincense and myrrh. Grind the resin to a powder first in a coffee grinder not used for other tasks--it is very hard to get powdered resin out of a coffee grinder. This sealing wax is nice for sealing corked bottles. Put the cork in the bottle, wind a string around the outside of the cork, and dunk the cork and a bit of the top of the bottle in the wax/resin mixture. You usually have to dunk twice, but let harden before redunking. You can color the sealing wax with any natural pigment, like alkanet, indigo, or asphaltum. Add the smallest amount possible to color so that the wax doesn't get gritty and break up. Top

Easy Talismans With Wax

If you are working in talismanic magick, you can also use wax instead of the planetary metals to make talismans and amulets. You can make your talisman blank from beeswax and add a few drops of the essential oil of an herb ruled by the planet in question, preferably one that contains the planetary metal (these are marked with an asterisk on the planetary correspondence pages).  Adding resin to the hot wax will make it slightly harder and less likely to get soft next to the body. You can also color the wax with the planetary color to improve the power of the talisman. Pour the wax into a small dish and remove when it's hard. It's then a relatively easy matter to draw the sigil on the wax. Top

Melting Beeswax Safely

Melt beeswax in a double boiler to be on the safe side. You can usually find double boilers (or two pans you can use as a double boiler) cheap at second-hand stores. You put water in the bottom pan and the wax in the top pan. Fondue pots are good for melting wax too. Top

Pure Raw Beeswax
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Making Poppets
Sealing Wax & Talismans
Magickal Unguents
Mars Herb
Solid Perfume

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