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Black hellebore rootBlack Hellebore Root
Helleborus officinalis

Associated with Saturn, Water, and Mars, this classic ritual magick herb is used for banishing and in necromancy. Approach this baneful herb with respect. Despite its reputation, this plant seems to really enjoy keeping people company and has been cultivated since at least the Middle Ages. This is the hellebore traditionally used in magic, as opposed to what is normally sold as hellebore, which is Veratrum viride (green or false hellebore) or Veratrum album (white hellebore).  Cattle were once blessed with black hellebore to protect them against malign influences and evil spells, and apparently a ritual was involved in digging it up; it is too bad that the knowledge of it has been lost. Black hellebore is sacred to Hekate and goes into the Cauldren of Cerridwen Brew. It is an ingredient in an incense for consecrating talismans of Saturn: Combine alum, scammony, asafoetida, sulphur, cypress, black hellebore, and ash leaves.  Burn in an earthen dish and hold the talismans in the smoke. Along with mugwort, it is also an ingredient of incense to the malefic fixed star Algol. Top

Black Hellebore Root
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Sacred to Hekate
Saturn Herb

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