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clovesWhole Organic Cloves
Eugenia caryophyllata

One of the absolute best herbs to use as an incense ingredient, cloves give warmth but also a sort of grandeur to a scent. Magically, this herb is considered Jupiter by some and Sun by others; I tend to think of it as Sun, due to its warm nature and the fact that Sun is often invoked for prosperity and for protection, as cloves are traditionally used. It is especially helpful for protection spells for children, for exorcism, and for purification, but on the other hand, they also find a role in works for prosperity, perhaps because they have a long history of being prized and sought after, much as wealth is. Good for creating a sense of warm safety and so nice for establishing a magical or spiritual space. Although the Latin word for nail is the origin of our word "clove" (due to the herb's shape), clove encourages action rather than pinning one in place. Its scent helps with boosting confidence and breaking up hide-bound thinking, but it also, in Gerard's words, "comforteth the heart." A  nice addition to pot pourris.

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Uses In Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Sun Herb

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