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musk deer Costus Root
Saussurea lappa

This root has a musky fragrance that makes it good in potpourri and incense; it is sometimes used in infused oils, perfumes, and incense as a vegetarian substitute for musk from the musk deer (see photo--yes, they really do have big fangs: vampire deer!).  The scent of costus root has the ability to heighten body awareness (grounding) and to act as an aphrodisiac (which makes it good for love magic). This magick herb is usually considered Earth, but some have allied it with Saturn. In various traditional health modalities, it is used both as a sedative and as a stimulant. According to Ayurvedic sources, it has narcotic effects when smoked. Top

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Costus root
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Love Magic
Musk Substitute
Earth Herb
Elemental Magic