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cubeb berries Cubeb Berries
Piper cubeba

This great Mars herb from the Spice Islands is often incorporated into sex charms, especially in Hoodoo.  We have also seen references to this magick herb being used to induce visions, but are not sure what the justification is for that or which tradition that might be associated with. These aromatic little critters were a black pepper substitute in Europe in the 1500-1600s, introduced from India by way of Venice. In contrast to black pepper, though, cubeb heat is also bitter, and its aroma is peppery and pungent, with touches of camphor and nutmeg. Cubeb is still a commonly used spice in Morocco, North Africa, and Indonesia and in the West is an ingredient in high-end gin. The Eclectics used cubeb to treat chronic gonorrhea, and the berries were smoked in the 19th century for headcolds or hay fever. This herb has very few stalks mixed in, which makes it more aromatic, since the stalks have no scent. Grind or crush before using to release the fragrance. This magick herb is also known as tailed pepper. 

Cubeb berries
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Love/Sex Magic
Mars Herb

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