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Cypress engraving Cypress Chips

This tree is ruled by Saturn and often connected to death.  It is used magickally in binding and releasing, to increase longevity, for easing grief and finding comfort and safety in time of loss.  It symbolizes the soul and represents reincarnation and resurrection. Top

The Hades Connection

Hades and Persephone Cypress is sacred to Hades ("the unseen"; the Roman equivalent, Pluto, came from the Greek euphemism for Hades, Pluoutos--precious wealth of the earth).  He was the son of two Titans, who lived before Olympus. He split the rulership of this planet with Zeus (heaven) and Poseiden (sea).  Hades was the least popular of the Greek gods, although in later depictions he was connected to the riches of the earth, which could be mineral or vegetable.  He was stern, ferocious in battle, and just.  His symbols of power are the two-pronged fork, the cornucopia, and the staff, and he is usually depicted as dark and heavily bearded.  No temples were built to him, but he did have worshippers, especially after the growth of mystery religions.  They averted their eyes from his likeness while worshipping him and banged their hands on the ground so he would hear them. He was later connected not just to the underworld but to all the goodness of the Earth as well, such as grain and minerals. The picture shows Hades and Persephone, goddess of the harvest and wife of Hades. She is holding a sheaf of wheat and a hen (the rooster is under her throne). Hades is holding a branch of pomegranates, with which he tempted Persephone, and an offering bowl. Top

Other Magickal Connections

Not surprisingly, cypress is also linked to elemental Earth, especially in the form of the Phrygian goddess of earth and caves, Cybele/Kybele.  She ruled over the natural world, wild animals, dark magick, and revenge. Agrippa, however, connects cypress (and all scented wood) to Mars. Here's a nice incense recipe with a strong Earth slant that includes cypress.    Top

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Hexing, Cursing, "Black" Magic
Death and Resurrection
Honoring Hades
Healing Rituals
Saturn Herb

Other fragrant woods: cedarwood, chinese red pine, white sandalwood

Nice Incense Recipe with an Earth Slant

3 parts Juniper
2 parts Cypress
2 parts Myrrh
1 part Patchouli
1 part Sage
1/2 part Orris root.

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