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Damiana herbDamiana
Turnera diffusa

This plant is often considered a Venus herb because of its aphrodisiac qualities, but if we think about the plant's shape and that it is quickening, it seems closer to Mercury . It is frequently a part of love magick, but there is no reason that has to be reserved for Venus. This plant grows along the ground, preferring dry, rocky areas, hot climates, and the coast. The Aztecs considered it a stimulant and aphrodisiac (for both men and women, which fits its Mercury nature), and it is still often used for those purposes. Ritually, damiana is often made a part of love charms. It can be burned as an incense with a little white sandalwood. Because of its sweetness, it is often an ingredient in smoking mixtures.

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Damiana leaf, chopped
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Love Magic
Venus/Mercury Herb