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DeerstongueDeerstongue Herb
Carphephorus odorata (Tilisa odorata, Liatris odoratissima

Here is a traditional ingredient in love spells and sex magic, perhaps on account of the color of the flowers but also because its scent is wonderfully intoxicating. Probably due to that same scent, it is also used in a spell to make others stop saying bad things about a person by rubbing it on the soles of one's shoes. Deerstongue is an ingredient in Third Eye Tincture, which also contains star anise, clove, and nutmeg and is used to increase psychic abilities. Some consider this magic herb associated with Aries, Scorpio, and Sagittarius, and it is often thought of as a Mars/Fire herb; it's considered a stimulant medicinally, which might partially account for its pairing with Mars, but also it has been traditionally used to flavor tobacco, that most Martial of herbs. In its growth, though, it is more like a Jupiter herb; it can grow quite tall and has purple flowers. Deerstongue has been used to keep moths out of linens and to scent chests. In the past it was sometimes combined with mullein to make a fragrant poultice for swollen limbs. It was also tinctured and combined with the scent of orange blossom, rose, and orris to create the old-time scent known as "new-mown hay." Deerstongue contains the same chemical as tonka beans (coumarin), which gives them their wonderful vanilla-like scent, and they have traditionally been substitutes for each other (and for vanilla bean and sweet woodruff) in ritual work. Oddly enough, though, deerstongue is also sometimes accepted as a substitute for galangal or Low John, perhaps because of its association with sex magic. I have also often found deerstongue featured along with what most would think of as Mercury herbs, like lavender or dill, in conjure aimed at more typically Mercury tasks, like communication, helping marriages stick together (through increasing communication), convincing people of something, or compelling someone to speak the truth, all language connected tasks that would be under Mercury's rulership. It is also known as wild vanilla, dog's tongue, hound's tongue, Carolina vanilla, folia liatris.

2011, 2017 Harold A. Roth; 2021 Anthony Teth. No reproduction without permission

Deerstongue herb, chopped
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Love Magic
Sex Magic
Gay Love Spells
Stop Gossip
Increase Communication
Venus/Mercury/Mars Herb