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Hawthorn Berries Hawthorn / White Thorn
Crataegus monogyna

In the past, hawthorn was planted to mark sacred wells in Britain. The plant has long been associated with the Fae and for that reason was sometimes seen as unlucky--or at least a tree one had to be wary around.  Its connection to the Underworld makes sense of why in Serbia and Croatia hawthorn was considered an effective protection against vampires and critters associated with the Underworld. Up until a century ago, people in Cornwall decorated their front door with hawthorn branches for Beltane. One wonders whether this was for beauty/celebration or for protection, especially since another custom, of spreading hawthorn branches in front of the barn on Walpurgis Night, was meant to protect the animals inside from witchcraft. Hawthorn is also connected with the worship of the Roman goddess Maia, who gave her name to May and who was the mother of Hermes (and who was morphed into the Virgin Mary by the Church). This magic herb is a common hedge plant and is wonderful in observances of Beltaine or to my mind, for Samhain, due to the connection of this plant to the Underworld and according to some, to Hekate. Because of its thorns and fiery red berries, hawthorn is a Mars herb. The plant is a traditional remedy for heart problems and has been shown to increase blood flow to the heart without affecting pulse rate or raising blood pressure. One recipe recommends 1-2 teaspoons of herb in one cup boiling water and infuse 5-10 minutes as an aid to insomnia or to a stressed out heart. Top

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection from Supernatural Threats
Connecting with the Underworld
Honoring Sacred Places
Mars Herb

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