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Henbane from my upstate NY gardenHenbane
Hyoscyamus niger

This year, I have a small amount of henbane I have grown and dried myself. This is composed of ripe pods, stalks, and leaves. I don't have a lot on hand, but next year I should have  a goodly amount. For use in witchcraft and magic only. Excellent for adding to special incense mixtures and for honoring Hekate, as this is Her sacred herb. I also have a very limited number of black henbane roots that I harvested from my own plants and cleaned and dried.

Witch-Grown Dried Black Henbane Herb
1/3 oz./10 g $10.50

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Witch-Grown Dried Black Henbane Roots
1 g $5.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Hekate
Baneful Work
Rain Magick
Saturn Herb

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