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Hibiscus Flowers, Organic
Hibiscus sabdariffa

The hibiscus is a Sun plant, but the large funnel-shaped flower also means it is sometimes associated with Venus (although it has no sweet scent, as we would expect). This magick herb is used for divination, clairvoyance, or reaching higher planes and is an ingredient in Alder Moon Tea.  It's also a nice addition to mundane teas, giving them a tart note. These flowers are not the typical hibiscus found growing in Florida yards, which is poisonous, but a type used in Ayurvedic medicine. Top


This tea is used to increase spirituality and to give one a sense of wholeness of being. Infuse equal parts of linden and hibiscus flowers, then add  2 tablespoons of cream or milk and a splash of cranberry juice to the tea. Top

2004, 2016 Harold A. Roth; No reproduction without permission


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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Astral Travel
Love Magic
Sun/Venus Herb