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small juniper engraving Juniper Berries
Juniperus communis

Juniper makes a fine purifying and sanctifying incense allied with various planets. Juniper berries contain the planetary metal for Jupiter (tin), and their color and warming action suits that planet as well. The spicy warmth of Juniper berries purifies the aura, clarifies thought, and protects from negativity. In aromatherapy, juniper berry is used against anxiety, to improve memory and mental clarity, and for sedation. This herb also has Moon aspects--as a diuretic, for instance--and it would make a good herb for the Dark of Moon, because among its many fragrances (pine predominating), it contains camphor, a Moon scent, and it is a beautifully dark color. It's also in Fire of Azrael incense, which is made of equal parts of juniper berries, red sandalwood, and cedarwood. Boiling destroys the essential oils. The berries make an olive brown dye using alum, copper, or cream of tartar as mordants.

Organic Juniper berries
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic

Mental Clarity

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