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Delphinium consolidaLarkspur Flowers
Delphinium consolida

This delicate little flower is probably associated with warriors. Greek mythology says that larkspur sprang from the blood of Ajax, who committed suicide after not being given the armor of the fallen warrior Achilles. It was once used to heal wounds (a traditional Venus task) and in the field, to kill parasites, which prey especially on those living under difficult conditions. Another name for it is "knight's spur."

As a Protective Herb

Besides protecting warriors, larkspur is said to keep away scorpions and venemous snakes as well as more ethereal threats, like ghosts. On a lighter side, it stands for levity in the language of flowers. It's the birth flower for the month of July. Larkspur is nice mixed with other Summer Solstice herbs - lavender, cinquefoil, mugwort, roses, elder, fennel, vervain, and hemp - in pot pourri or incense. It's very pretty for pot pourri.


Larkspur PhotoAlthough I found some information that this plant is not poisonous when it is flowering, it is a member of the buttercup family, the most poisonous, and so should not be ingested. Larkspur is also known as calcatrippa, calcatrippae flos, delphinium, lark's heel, lark's toe, lark's claw, knight's spur, staggerweed, Consolida regalis, Delphinium ajacis, field larkspur, rocket larkspur.



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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Repels Ghosts
Warrior Herb
Protection Spells
Summer Solstice Celebrations
Venus Herb
Pot Pourri

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