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LindenOrganic Linden Leaf & Flower
Tilia europea

The linden's connection to justice and authority is manifested in its history as a "court" tree: in Celtic areas, court cases were often heard under linden trees, because folks considered that the linden inspired fairness and justice. We can see a strong connection to Jupiter here, which rules interaction with authority and court cases. In contrast, in Greek mythology, the linden tree became the form of the wife in a couple who gave hospitality to Hermes and Zeus (the oak was the form the husband took), and in the Baltic, the linden is a symbol for the souls of women who have died. This magic herb is traditionally used for nervousness, hysteria, and excitability, and it also helps digestion, especially if the person is nervous. Tea is made from 1 teaspoon of herb to 1 cup of boiling water; infuse for 10 minutes. People usually take one cup of the tea three times a day, but as with any herb tea, don't drink every day for a long period. Drunk hot, it helps promote sweating, which in turns helps alleviate colds. Two handfuls boiled in a quart of water, strained, and poured into the bath are helpful for relieving nervousness and for Jovian protection and calm. Also known as lime, tileul, tilio, tiglia, bee tree, linn, whitewood, .

Organic linden leaf & flower
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Aid in Court Cases
Help Against Authority
Souls of Women
Jupiter Herb

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