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Muskmallow illustrationMusk Seed (Ambrette)
Hibiscus moschatus

Musk/Ambrette Seeds

This magick herb has a woody scent that is associated with the Earth aspect of Saturn. It's a good fixative for infused oil or alcoholic tinctures of plant fragrances. These seeds are used in perfume and incense as a substitute for musk, which comes from a deer. Ambrette also has the benefit of not being formulated from petrochemicals, unlike synthetic musk substitutes.  Often considered aphrodisiac, its scent helps lift depression while calming and relaxing. In Europe, musk seed is a flavoring for soups and pickles.  In the Middle East, ambrette are used to flavor coffee and are chewed to balance the emotions, as a breath freshener, and to help digestion. You can make your own musk oil by infusing musk seeds in your preferred oil with a bit of vitamin E added to preserve it. Let it infuse for at least a month.

Musk seeds
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