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Nutmeg wholeNutmeg
Myristica fragrans

Often associated with Samhain and Yule, nutmeg is also one of the traditional spices used in the Jewish ritual farewell to the feminine aspect of God on Saturday evening, when warm spices are sniffed to remind us that Her presence should permeate the week, like the sweet smell of a spice permeates the air. Nutmeg is often used in works involving money, especially gambling. A whole nutmeg makes a nifty Jovian good-luck charm, especially with some purple thread or yarn wrapped around it (many people use a nutmeg as a handy substitute for a High John root). Creole folklore of the 19th century advised sprinkling nutmeg in a woman's left shoe each night at midnight in order to make her crazy with love. Of course, first you need access to her shoes at midnight...

Mundane Uses

Ruled by Jupiter, nutmeg is warming without creating heat, and its scent gives a feeling of relaxed well-being. Nutmeg has been a beloved spice for West Europeans since the Renaissance and was especially popular during the 18th century. This magick herb was thought to be aphrodisiac because it is warming and can cause sweating.

A very fragrant fat can be extracted from nutmegs. Simmer them in a slow-cooker for at least day, strain, and then refrigerate the "soup" to harden up the fat, which can be scooped out. It can be used in small amounts (some people are sensitive to nutmeg on their skin) to scent fatty substances like solid perfumes. Nutmeg is also a wonderful winter spice that is great in warmed wine.


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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring the Divine Feminine
Celebrating Winter Festivals
Money Spells
Love Magic

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