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Orange engravingSweet Orange Peel
Citrus sinensis

The high-energy scent of oranges is said to communicate the joy of angels to human beings. Orange peel is great for embodying the Sun in a mixture, whether potpourri, tea, sachet, charm, etc. Like the Sun, orange peel lifts those who are down, helps the confused find direction, and gives new life to spiritual yearnings. Its scent is good for dealing with obsessive thinking and Sun-like, for turning us back to what is important. Orange peel is nice in Yule celebrations, reminding us of the promise of Sun even in the middle of winter. Add it to your winter wassail, or put some in a mortar and pestle and offer up this bright fragrance by grinding it during long, midwinter nights. You can also mix it with cinnamon, frankincense, nutmeg, and juniper berries to make a nice potpourri or strewing mix in honor of Leo or put into a centering, uplifting ritual bath combined with other Sun herbs. Although this magick herb can be used as an incense ingredient, it doesn't smell like orange when it burns. If you want to use it in an incense recipe, mix it together as usual, but instead of burning the incense on charcoal, put it into an oil burner and let the warmth release the scents. For other ways to use loose incense, click here.The scent of orange peels mixes nicely with bay leaves, cinnamon, pepper, cloves, coriander, frankincense, juniper, lemon, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, jasmine, and rose. Cunningham considered equal parts of lemon and orange peel to be a viable substitution for citron, also a member of the citrus family. Oranges, because of their color, also make a handy symbol for gold in spellwork. Top

Non-Magickal Uses Sweet orange pieces
Orange peel is excellent as an ingredient in potpourri or tea (especially nice with cassia sticks). You can go towards the warm end of the spectrum by combining it with black tea and clove or make it cooler by mixing it with whole hibiscus flowers and rosehips for good iced tea. Great in chutneys and mulled wines, it also can be used for beer making. Orange peel's scent can be extracted into water, alcohol, or oil. Citrus fruits have been cultivated by humans for at least 6000 years. While bitter oranges, beloved for the scent of their peel, were popular around the Mediterranean during the Middle Ages and were brought to Spain with the Arab conquest, sweet oranges (of which these are the peel) came to Europe from China in the Renaissance. Top

Sweet Orange Peel
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Celebrating Yule
Leo Associations
Money Spells
Sun Herb
Uplifting, Centering

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