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Florentine orris Orris Root (Queen Elizabeth Root)
Iris species

A Moon plant, orris root is good for digging deep into the Moon-ruled subconscious and uprooting what is hidden. Like any Moon herb, it can also be used in divination and dreamwork. The iris is also called the fleur-de-lis, so this Moon plant has often been associated with dominion and war, which gives it a nice protective aspect. Some consider orris root a Venus herb. It is definitely widely used for love magick, and in Hoodoo is known as Love Drawing Herb (and Queen Elizabeth root). The powder form is blown onto clothes, sheets, and so forth to make sure that the owner returns one's love. Right now, I have the granule form (little bits of root).

Alchemy Works also has an Alcoholate of Orris, which we make according to an 1868 formula. It is a double tincture of orris root in 95% grain alcohol that is allowed to age. Aging the alcoholate of orris causes it not only to collect much of the root's scent but also makes it smoother and richer. Like our oils, we sell this tincture in a 2 dram/ 1/4 oz vial. You can use it to aid in divination (apply a few drops to the hands or put on a hankie and smell), anoint a tarot card box, add to incense and let sit in a jar overnight to set the scent, to potpourri, to charm bags, wear it as a perfume (but test for skin sensitivity to orris first), or mix with other alcohol- or water-based scents. (We love the smell of it!)

Non-Magickal Uses
Orris is harvested in Italy and has been a traditional fixative for scent since ancient Greece. It's great for smoothing out the combined scents when you are making infused oils. Many consider that its essential oil, which is locked in these roots and which develops its scent over time, smells like violets (and orris is usually the real source of "violet" perfume).

Orris Root
1 oz. $5.50

Alcoholate of Orris
Limited Supply (aged ~6 months)
1/4 oz./7.5 ml $16.00

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Uses in Magic & Witchcraft:

Spiritual Work
Love Magic
Protection Spells
Moon/Venus Herb

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