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small piper nigrumWhole Organic Black Peppercorns
Piper nigrum

Peppercorns are a wonderful Mars herb that is excellent in works for building protection, strength, confidence, and inventiveness, and it is often incorporated into blends aimed at martial deities, like war gods. Oddly enough, in Persian astrological magic, pepper is an ingredient in invoking the planetary influence of Venus for granting one's wishes. In Hoodoo, pepper carries out its traditional Mars role by be called on in both protection and in attack magic. Peppercorns can be used in incense for strength and for warrior alertness, although don't put too many, or the smoke will be irritating. This magic herb is nice combined with cloves, coriander, fennel, frankincense, citrus (orange), lavender, juniper, lemongrass, marjoram, palmarosa, rosemary, sage, and sandalwood. For something a bit more unusual, try combining it with red rose - Venus and Mars complimenting each other.

Non-Magickal Uses

Pepper is the most popular spice in the world. Pepper is great for helping digestion, and like all warming herbs, a stimulant. It helps with focus and with clarifying thoughts, lessens anxiety, lifts mild depression, levels hormone-induced mood swings, and calms anxiety. Just good stuff. 

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Uses In Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Building Strength
Invoking Venus
Mars Herb

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