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Black Poppy Seeds
This poppy seed is for incense, not planting (although it might be viable, there is no guarantee with seeds sold as herbs). The smoke of poppy seeds has been used in divination. This is a wonderful New Moon (black) or Full Moon (white) incense that pops and snaps when burned. The Moon aspect in combination with the seeds' appearance also makes them a good representation of night or the fertile subconscious. Because of poppy's association with the Underworld, they are a nice ingredient in Cakes for the Living/Dead or items prepared for Hekate's Supper. HamantashenThe copious seeds of this Moon plant are an excellent symbol for female fertility, to represent children, or to stand for overwhelming forces (which children can sometimes be!). For the spring festival of Purim,  Jews make delicious uterus-shaped cookies stuffed with these seeds to represent "eggs" (Haman's ears indeed!).  

Organic Black Poppy Seed
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Moon Herb

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Poppy seeds for growing