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RaspberryOrganic Raspberry Leaf
This magic herb has connections to motherhood back to antiquity. In ancient Greek mythology, the nursemaid to Zeus pricked hr finger on the thorns of the raspberry, and her blood dyed the berries red. Logically enough, raspberry leaf is a good component for fertility charms. In Hoodoo, a woman can make a bath of raspberry leaf to keep her man at home and to solidify her marriage. A classic Venus herb, raspberry leaf has a tradition of use with pregnancy, in particular, with aiding delivery and with increasing the production of milk. It is also commonly used to ease menstruation. A tea is made from 1 teaspoon leaves to 1 cup boiling water; infuse for 15 minutes. Usually 1 cup is drunk three times a day, but you can also make this a spiritual aid by drinking a cup while meditating on the Empress from the Tarot.

Raspberry Leaf, Organic
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Binding Spells
Fertility Charms
Mother Herb
Venus Herb

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