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Salvia officinalis engraving Sage
Salvia officinalis

Several different planets are connected magickally with this herb by different sources. For instance, some, including Culpeper (and those who follow him, such as Cunningham), consider this a Jupiter herb, and it is often a substitute for the very Jovian frankincense in terms of purification. Also, its leaves contain tin, the planetary metal for Jupiter. Christopher Penczak includes it in his list of Moon herbs, perhaps because of the light bluish "bloom" this magick herb has when dried; this bloom occurs on many Moon plants. However, I will go with those in magickal practice who see this as an Earth Elemental herb, because of its smell, and because this makes more sense with its Wiccan association with Samhain and with the Crone. Elemental Earth herbs resonate with the body, caves, chasms, silence, graves, fields, and the Hermit's Path. This feels real Crone and Samhain to me. This Earth herb in particular is good for slaying the ego. Emotionally, sage helps build strength and courage, and as an Earth herb, is an important aid in grounding oneself. Sage is great for cleansing an area of all that is negative or left over. It is perfectly okay to smudge with this sage instead of white sage. In fact, if you are working in some path that derives from West European magick, it makes more sense to smudge with this sage. Some also recommend sage for protection from negative magick. It can also be helpful in burying or hiding aspects about oneself, as in making a glamour, in the reverse - digging up aspects, and so exploring the psyche or finding lost objects.  According to Ficino, a certain bird is generated from the putrefaction of sage and which draws its life from the life of the world. This sounds not so much like as myth as an alchemical metaphor. You make a decent sage incense by grinding it 2:1 with white sandalwood.

Non-Magickal Uses

Sage was used medicinally before it was ever a cooking herb. It was considered an effective serpent Sage tea is a diuretic when drunk cold and cause sweating when drunk warm. Its bitter principle gets rid of worms. Sage was once recommended for getting rid of unwanted sexual desire. If you are using sage tea, use for only two weeks and then take a break for two weeks. Sage is also a well known cooking herb. It's an excellent for seasoning for bland vegetables like potatoes and since the time of ancient Rome has been a traditional European herb for increasing the digestibility of fatty foods. Sage is also known as common, kitchen, broadleaf, Dalmatian, garden, meadow, and red sage, as well as Salbei, Echter Salbei, Gartensalbei, ryytisalvia, rohtosalvia, salvia, kryddsalvia, sauge, and salvia real.

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Celebrating Samhain
Crone Work
Protection Spells

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