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scullcapScullcap, organic
Scutelleria laterifolia

Scullcap is of Mercury because of its long use for problems of the nervous system and its helmet-like flowers (for Mercury's helmet). It is sometimes associated with Saturn, because it grows in moist shady areas, but its other aspects don't match that planet. It is ritually used to calm the mind and open the way to meditation and it strengthens nervous system energy, which helps power insight. This herb in the mint family is native to North American woodlands and has a long history of use against insomnia, anxiety, nerve pain, seizures, and the DTs. It was traditionally taken to ease the muscle spasms caused by rabies, and so got one of its common names, Mad-Dog Weed, but it has also been used to fight addiction. American scullcap (which this is) is a separate herb from the scullcap of Chinese traditional medicine. Also known as skullcap.

Organic scullcap
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Mercury/Saturn Herb

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