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Solomon's Seal Root Cut Solomon's Seal Root
Polygonatum odoratum

This herb gets its name from the fact that when the plant dies back in the fall and the stalk falls from the root, the scar left behind is shaped like a Star of David, also known as the Seal of Solomon. Solomon's Seal  It is said that King Solomon, reknowned not only for being wise but for sorcery, put his seal on this plant to indicate its worth. Thus, this magick herb can be helpful for making difficult decisions and to increase wisdom. You can carry it as a protective amulet, use it in exorcism, place it on the altar to help ensure the success of a work, or burn it when consecrating an athame. An infusion of the roots is sprinkled about to turn away evil. The root has also been used as a means of calling the Elementals.  It is associated with the Fall equinox and is identified with Saturn. The Cherokee censed their homes with this root (it smells like fresh popcorn). The Menominee smudged with it to revive unconscious patients. Solomon's Seal is also known as Drop Berry, Lady's seal, Jade bamboo, and Seal Root. 


Solomon's Seal Root
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Saturn Herb

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