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Spearmint herbOrganic Spearmint
Mentha spicata

Because of its connection to Venus and its pleasant scent, spearmint is a class money herb. It's not uncommon for people to tuck a pinch of this magic herb into their wallet. Astrologically, it's associated with Virgo. Some like to include spearmint in divination teas; I think it is a good addition when the divination concerns money or love. Spearmint is also a good choice for Water magic, as it loves to grow around water and IMO, has a liquid smell. Folks add it to floor washes to attract money to a business.

Similar to peppermint but not hot, I always think of spearmint as the Venus of the mints, which are ruled by Venus (and I think of peppermint as the Mars of mints). Spearmint is a great digestive herb, especially good for settling a rumbling stomach or for nausea. Nice for feverish children and by the tea by the teaspoon for colicky babies as well. For a typical infusion, infuse one teaspoon per cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Spearmint is also a common ingredient in smoking mixtures, for instance, in this love-magic oriented mix: 8 parts damiana, 8 parts skullcap, 1 part lobelia, 8 parts passionflower, 2 parts spearmint. Spearmint is also known as yerba buena.


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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Money Magic
Venus/Water Herb

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