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Nardostachys jatamansiSpikenard - Nardostachys jatamansi
Lots of occult shops sell a completely different plant, Aralia racemosa, American spikenard, in place of the spikenard of the ancients, which has a much richer scent. True spikenard comes from the Himalayas, which made it extraordinarily difficult to obtain in ancient times. Even now, it is not commonly met with. I was happy to find authentic spikenard from Nepal recently and hope to be carrying it from now on. The scent of this magick herb is musky and earthy; it's sometimes combined with Himalayan valerian in Asian medicine as a treatment for hysteria. The valerian would of course greatly increase the muskyness. But spikenard has a glorious facet to its fragrance that the humble valerian lacks. This Earth herb is also known as nard and jatamansi.

Spikenard powder, Himalayan
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Ancient Egyptian & Hebrew Incense
Elemental Magic
Earth Herb

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