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small sulfur Flowers of Sulfur

Sulfur is a Fire stone associated with the Sun, perhaps because of its light yellow color, and with Saturn, because of its scent (and because sulfur burns down borders).  Sulfur is used for protection as well as banishment (although I have seen it listed as an ingredient for raising negative spirits as well).  Sulfur gives its name to one of the three alchemical principles (Salt, Sulfur, Mercury).  It goes into Crossing Powder and more mundane explosives, like black powder.  Sulfur burns with a blue flame and the famous sulfur smell.  Its fumes are used to preserve dried fruit, to clean winery vessels (makes a great fungicide), and to form the atmosphere of Io, small io but if you fumigate a closed space with it, get everything alive out of there first.  It is an irritant to mucus membranes. Do NOT use this substance to treat Valley Fever; it won't work and could seriously harm you. I have Flowers of Sulfur, which is a lab grade fine powder produced by sublimation. If you don't want to deal with sulfur or are allergic to it, try using garlic instead. Garlic contains various sulfurous elements and has similar magical purposes.  

Flowers of Sulfur (Brimstone)
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Crossing Powder
Fire/Sun, Saturn

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