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Tonka beans Tonka Beans
Dipteryx odorata

Because of its sweet smell and its use in love magick and money spells, tonka bean is usually thought to be a Venus herb, but some consider it to be Jupiter and say that carrying it builds courage. As a New World herb, tonka beans are not so often encountered in West European magick styles but instead crop up in New World magick like Hoodoo. For instance, tonka beans are used in mojo bags for drawing money, and 7 beans can be thrown into a creek or river to make a wish come true.

Tonka beans are popular because of their sweet, hay-like smell, something like vanilla with a little cinnamon, clove, and almonds thrown in. This magick herb is good for potpourris and sachets--slice up into little slivers and toss with the other ingredients; for a sweeter scent, use only the skins and the white crystals. In incense, in small amounts it makes a decent subsitute for musk. It scent blends especially well with patchouli, sandalwood, rose, and lavender, and with citrus peels.

This native of South America was once used to flavor pipe tobacco, and is often the "vanilla" scent in cosmetics. In Mexico tonka bean is used to extend vanilla flavoring for food, but in the US it is prohibited as a food ingredient because it can harm the liver. Still you can find many recipes that include it as a flavoring for sauces and ice cream. You might find a white, sandy powder on the beans; this is the naturally formed coumarin. This herb is also known as tonco bean, tonquin bean, tonga bean, Coumarouna odorata, cumaru, and love-wishing bean.

Tonka beans
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Uses In Witchcraft & Magic:

Money Spells
Venus/Jupiter Herb

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