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Lactuca virosa engWild Lettuce Herb
Lactuca virosa

Wild lettuce was referred to as "Titan's Blood" in ancient Greek manuscripts on magic and is ruled by Saturn, like most of the tropane-containing plants. It contains hyoscyamine, much as the other nightshades do. However, lactucin, which is a constituent in the plant and in Lactucarium, an Eclectic preparation from Lactuca virosa, is a bitter with sedative properties. Lactucarium does not contain hyoscyamine. Dried wild lettuce sap looks, tastes, and smells similar to opium and so has been used to adulterate opium in the past, which probably partially accounts for its name. This is a good substitute for other more virulent nightshades and also for Moon-work of a darker nature (lettuce is usually considered Moon).

Organic wild lettuce herb
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Saturn Herb

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