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Aloe feroxCape Aloes (Aloe ferox)
Made from the bitter yellow sap of a succulent plant similar to Aloe vera, this resin has a salty, unpleasantly onion-like scent. The smoke is said to be green, but it looks white to me. This plant is very Martian in appearance with its bold red flowers and spiked leaves, but it is bitter rather than warming. Although Crowley would connect it to the element of Water because it is a purgative, its scent and the fact that it grows in dry, rocky areas shows Saturnian influence for the sap itself. It is sometimes used for hexing. I had pretty much discontinued this herb due to not many sales, but several people who practice non-European types of witchcraft have asked for it, so I brought it back. This is not the same thing as aloeswood.

Cape aloes
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Elemental Magic (Water)
Incense of Saturn

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