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CivetVegetal Civet Incense
For some time I've been wanting to make a plant-derived civet. The animal form is of course an ingredient in some medieval grimoire incense, but no way will I sell real civet because of the animal cruelty issue. And artificial civet? It smells like exactly what it is--cheap fragrance oil--and as far as I am concerned, fragrance oils and magic don't mix. After quite a number of failed experiments, I've finally came up with something that works. It's a combination of musk seed, oakmoss, naioli, cedarwood, and a number of other herbs, and it smells civety without having any artificial ingredients, any animal bits, or any bad karma. What a relief!

Vegetal Civet Incense
1 oz. in tin $13.00


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Uses In Witchcraft & Magic:

Kabbalistic Magick
Incense for Binah on Tree of Life

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