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small elemi engravingElemi Gum
Canarium luzonicum
This resin is of Mercury and helps strengthen mental and psychic capacity and is an aid in the acquisition of magickal skills and knowledge. It is composed of solid resin and 20-30% of essential oil, so it is much softer than resins of related trees, like myrrh and frankincense. Nor does it smell like them--its clarifying and energizing scent is citrusy with a lot of dill-weed to it. That makes sense because chemically the essential oil has much in common with the dill family. The ancient Egyptians used it in the mummification process, and in the West it has been made into liniments for treating rheumatic pain, burns, and sores. Like most essential oils, it is antiseptic, fungicidal, and insecticidal. This is high quality elemi from the Philippines. It is soft and white with brown specks in it, perfume grade rather than industrial grade.  It smells fabulous when heated, a combination of fresh and citrus combined with the typical, heavy smell of plant resin. If you make your own incense, elemi is great as a binder for a fresher scent than, say, labdanum, balsam, or storax, yet not so sweet as honey. Below is a picture of the elemi resin that we currently have back in stock. It is sticky and delightfully fragrant--really high quality stuff!

elemi gum resin

Elemi gum
1 oz. $7.50

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Psychic Ability
Acquiring Magickal Skills
Mercury Incense

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